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Composer for Film and Television

About sam

Album cover for The Traitors soundtrack album featuring Claudia Winkleman, a dark haired woman with a big fringe looking mysterious as she stands in front of a castle and two hooded figures.
The words "HBO Original: Questioning Darwin" in white on a green background. In beige is sillouetted figures depicting the theory of evolution, starting with an ape, followed by a more upright ape, followed by a human. They are facing a representation of Christian Creationism; a baby leading to a human leading to Jesus carrying a cross.
Cover image for the television series Planet Earth. The words "planet earth as you've never seen it before" hang in the sky above a herd of wildebeest running across fertile green land.
The words "The worlds of Doctor Who: Special Releases" below a number of incarnations of the Doctor and their companions.

Music for Media

Sam’s Story

Sam Watts started his career in a big way, working as a music assistant on films like Hitch and Mrs Henderson Presents and then composing for BBC’s Planet Earth. He scored his first solo television show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, at age 24 and hasn’t slowed down since.

You can hear his work on flagship television shows like the BAFTA award-winning The Traitors and Doctor Who: Tales of the TARDIS, films like Stormhouse and I Want Candy, and hard-hitting documentaries like For Neda and Secrets of the Vatican. With credits for companies like Fremantle, HBO, PBS, and NBC Universal, Sam is a versatile film and television composer who specializes in telling compelling musical stories that keep viewers coming back for more.

Sam is based in Canada, but works with clients all over the world.

“You totally smashed the soundtrack for us. It really is brilliant. Thank you for all your work. I’m so pleased the nation loved it, too.”

Mike Cotton

Writer, Executive Producer

Happy Clients

Bringing a collaborative spirit to every project

“Quite simply, Sam is brilliant. His scores have both thrilled me and moved me to tears in equal measure. He is a total joy to collaborate with. Every project I’ve been lucky enough to work on with Sam has been unequivocally enriched by his noteworthy music.”

Emily Cook


“Sam did such an amazing job, and helped us create such a strong identity for the show. He did such an great job bringing our initial brief and vision to life. And we loved using it across the show. He is a very clever man, the score is exceptional.”

Sarah Fay

Executive Producer

What Sam Does


Although he specializes in orchestral composition, Sam has written music across many genres for everything from theater productions to flagship television series.


As well as orchestrating all of his own music, Sam has multiple orchestration credits including Doctor Who, Jocelyn Pook’s Hearing Voices, and the Ken Loach film Ae Fond Kiss.

Production Music

Alongside his commissioned scores, Sam writes music for production libraries. His work has featured on shows like Watchmen, Expedition X, WWE Smackdown, Oprah, and more.

Sam's Representation

Kathryn Rodger
Wise Music, 14-15 Berners Street, London, W1T 3LJ, UK


+44 (0)203 929 9011