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Sam is a composer for television, film, and all types of media. You might have heard his work on hit shows like Doctor Who: Tales of the TARDIS, The Traitors, Planet Earth, and The Sarah Jane Adventures – or you might just be wondering what it’s like to work with someone who’s spent over 20 years in the industry creating music for science fiction, fantasy, reality, drama, horror, documentary, and much more.

He has worked with Bad Wolf, BBC, HBO, PBS, NBC Universal and many more clients. His work has led to accolades including Emmys, BAFTAs, RTS, TCA, Peabody, Saturn, and Producers Guild awards.

Sam is always looking for intriguing new projects of any kind…

Take a look around, listen to some of Sam’s music, and get in touch!

A large group of people smile at the camera. Behind them is a castle. The sky is dark and foreboding.


The Traitors returned for a second series.

Sam’s music for the show is getting a lot of attention. With radio play on Radio Scala, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM.  Sam was also interviewed for a Gay Times article about his music for the show.


A grey haired man in a sharp suit glares at the camera. Behind him are stone stairs leading to a castle in the background. The words "The Traitors: Peacock, New Season, Jan 12" are at the bottom.

The official series soundtrack is available to stream and buy on all good music platforms.

You can also buy a piano arrangement of the Main Theme at Sheet Music Direct.

Sam’s music can also be heard on many of the 20+ versions around the world, as well as on the spin-off series The Traitors: Uncloaked.

An album cover showing a black cat and a ginger cat playing chess.

Chaos Theory

Sam’s new album is released on Friday, January 19th.

Chaos Theory is a return to Sam’s minimalist roots. With this album, he explores how the same action can crate a different result by using a one musical idea as the catalyst for each track.

You can stream Chaos Theory on your favourite service.


Memorable music for memorable productions

“I’ve worked with Sam for years and adore him. Smart, fast, intuitive and brilliant, he really is one of the best.”

Russell T. Davies

Writer, Executive Producer

“Sam is fantastic. I’m so grateful for all the work he did on Tales of the TARDIS. It’s beautiful”

Julie Gardner

Executive Producer

“When we first listened to your pitch, it got us so excited that we knew you were a perfect fit.”

Toni Ireland

Executive Producer

Sam's Representation

Kathryn Rodger
Wise Music, 14-15 Berners Street, London, W1T 3LJ, UK


+44 (0)203 929 9011


info *at*